List of General Software I recommend (All free and mostly OS):

Thunderbird Portable: Have your email on a USB stick, access to all your historic emails without carrying around a laptop

Freemind: Mind mapping works for me and I use it for planning and keeping track of research reading

KeePass: Keep track of all those pesky logins and passwords, one master password unlocks the program. Invaluable.

eXe: The tool I used to put this website together, a neat little program that takes the coding out of building educational webpages. Still a little flaky in places but overall worth using.

ScribeFire: Add-on for Firefox, good for blogging and scribbling notes fast

NotePad++: more features than windows notepad, I use it for hand coding KML

DropBox: Move files around from laptop to desktop easily. Also a quick and easy way to host web files.


Geography Specific:

Google Earth: Great tool for educators teaching geography and anything else where 'where' is a serious issue. It represents a very easy way of generating online maps, however, it requires a fast PC or Mac and a decent broadband connection. Consider google maps instead.


Educational Sites:

Google Geo Education: All things google and educational

Google Education UK: And the sister UK site.

Jamie's Manuals: of Geography with Google Maps/Earth