NEW Current Projects

There are a few current projects that aren't advanced enough to feature here yet but I blogged about them: ongoing projects

NEW SPLINT Fellowship: Google Earth Tours

In this research project we tested students' learning of how to interpret glacial paleo-landscapes. Students learnt about the topic via a Google Earth tour or a static text and images control.

Mar 09 to Mar 10

El Nino Oceanography Practical

This was a hard educational challenge but feedback from the students was excellent. I put the success down to careful authoring and hallway testing. The development was funded by the learning and teaching enhancement fund at Southampton University.

Jun to Sep 08

Virtual Globes in Fieldwork

The 'Cognition and Technology in Fieldwork' project was funded by EPSRC/ESRC. It used visualizations produced in Google Earth on mobile devices to enhance fieldwork teaching on Chines on the South West Coast of the Isle of Wight. Feedback from the students about the project was very positive.

Developed Jan 07 to Mar 07

Moodle/Google Earth mashup

As an experiment in customizing Moodle I produced a mashup that links the two

Jul 06 to Aug 06

Predicting Volcanic Eruptions

Using multimedia as a way of teaching the prediction of volcanic eruptions.

Mar 03 to Jun 03