River Styles:

River Styles is a multi-scalar, process-based, geomorphic channel classification system. The scheme was developed in Australia by Brierley and Fryirs (2000), but will work in any system throughout the world. I used it in a periglacial setting in Alaska.

Figure 2 from Brierley and Fryirs(2000) ©

Figure 3 from Thomson et al. (2001) © John Wiley and Sons ltd.

  • Brierley, G. J., and Fryirs, K. (2000). River styles, a geomorphic approach to catchment characterization: Implications for river rehabilitation in Bega catchment, New South Wales, Australia. Environmental Management, 25(6), 661-679.
  • Thomson, J. R., Taylor, M. P., Fryirs, K. A., and Brierley, G. J. (2001). A geomorphological framework for river characterization and habitat assessment. Aquatic Conservation-Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 11(5), 373-389.
  • Short Course on River Styles
  • Review of River Styles
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