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WANT TO PARTICIPATE? Thank you for taking the time to complete the International River Restoration Survey! This survey is intended to obtain a clearer picture of trends and problems in river restoration practice, policy and science. The survey is intended for anyone with an interest or direct involvement in river restoration. The survey only takes between five and fifteen minutes. Only the first question is mandatory, and all your responses remain completely anonymous. Until further notice, please only participate once.

STILL WANT TO KNOW MORE? More background information on the survey, who is running it and its purpose are available on the survey information page. If you'd like informational links on restoration and rivers, check out the Rivers Information Page.

JUST WANT THE RESULTS: Results for the survey are updated in real-time and can be downloaded directly for your use. The raw data, publications and summary reports are available from the results page.

If you have further questions or concerns email me, and I will try to provide a clarification.
Or, if you would like general information about my research, see Joe's Homepage.

The survey was designed for use in Netscape 7 or later, and Internet Explore 6 or later. The survey is known to have some problems in older browsers. If you experience difficulties, you may download Netscape 7.1 for free here.
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