Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Group

University of Southampton

This group was formed in 2002 and aims are to highlight women in SET within the University.

Current Chair – Prof. Jane K. Hart (jhart@soton.ac.uk)

Celebrating Success: Increase the visibility of women in SET with the annual Campbell Lecture from an internationally renowned women scientist.

Ensuring Success:  Participate in a review of the University’s promotion criteria with special emphasis on the careers of women in SET.

Supporting Success:  Evaluation of mentoring schemes to determine which are most appropriate for women at Southampton.

Enabling Success:  Successful report on childcare facilities and programmes to provide  guidance for future University policies.

Ishbell Campbell:

The Campbell Lecture is an annual event to celebrate Women in SET and is named after Ishbell Campbell (1906-1997) who was one of the founding academics of the University of Southampton, a Reader in Chemistry and a committed teacher and inspiration for women in science. 

2004 Campbell Lecture: Prof Nancy Rothwell FRS - ‘Brown Fat to Brains and a Few Beers!’

(photo:Dr Andrea Russell WiSET Chair 2003-4, Prof Bill Wakeham VC,

Prof Nancy Rothwell, Dr Jane Hart, Dr Geraldine Clough)


2005 Campbell Lecture: Prof Dame Julia Higgins FRS -

‘The responsibility of being a scientist’.

(photo:Dr Andrea Russell, Prof Paul Curran DVC, Prof Julia Higgins,

Dr Jane Hart WiSET Chair 2004-5, Dr Geraldine Clough)


2006 Campbell Lecture: Prof Jocelyn Bell Burnell


Careering through Astronomy’.






(photo :Dr Geraldine Clough WiSET Chair 2005-6, Prof Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Prof Bill Wakeham VC,

Zelda Franklin-Hills Dr Malgosia Kakzmarek).